Tournamament mode for 2015 and preliminary round groups

Dear all,

this year we had a new record of registered teams for our tournament. That’s why it took a little bit longer to publish to the participating teams.

On the start we had a goal of 16 male and 8 female teams for 2015 but we decided to something different. In 2015 we will have 2 tournament gyms, the well known EnergieVerbund Arena​ and the hall of the Sportgymnasium Dresden​ right next to it. Some of you may know this gym from 2013 as our sleeping gym. These two gyms are just a 10 minute walk away from each other. This also means the we will have 3 match fields this year.

To make a long story short… We will upgrade the tournament to 20 male and 9 female teams.

It’s ladies first, so the groups for the women tournament are:

Women tournament


Men tournament


Waiting list men tournament:
FBC Barracudas Slaný
Schakale Skeuditz

The teams will receive information concering the following steps to the tournament and the payment in the following days.

kind regars,
IFC Organisation Team

Overview of so far registered teams

Update: 04/10/2015 The registration is closed. All teams which register now will be set to the waiting list.

Dear all,

at this point the following teams are registers for IFC 2015:

Men tournament Women tournament
CZ FBC Kralupy n/V (CZ) ** CZ FBC Kralupy n/V W (CZ) **
CZ Black Angels (CZ) CZ Team W (CZ) *
CZ Team (CZ) ** CZ Florbal Plzeň W (CZ) **
CZ Inseminators (CZ) DE MFBC Grimma (GER)
DE Floorball Mainz (GER) CH UHC Weesen W (CH) **
CZ FBC Barracudas Slaný (CZ) CZ Athletics Praha W (CZ) **
CZ Florbal Plzeň (CZ) ** CZ Tatran Střešovice (CZ)
HUN Ares Hockey Club (HUN) SVK MKSS FBK Kysucké Nové Mesto (SVK)
DE Floorball Butzbach (GER)
AUT Innebandyclub Graz (AUT)
CH UHC Zuger Highlands (CH) *
DE USV TU Dresden (GER)
CZ South Bohemian Gunners (CZ)
DE Schakale Schkeuditz (GER)
CZ Athletics Praha (CZ) **
DE Saxony U17 Selection (GER)
CH UHC Weesen (CH) **
CZ FBC Rokycany (CZ)
GER UHC Döbeln (GER)
FIN Jytky (FIN)

* Winner of last years tournament is automatically seeded to this years tournament.
** Automatically seeded to this years tournament because of the two team registration rule.

Registration will be closed on March, 31th at the latest.

Kind regards.